eSports Tournament - SUPER SMASH BROS.

April 28, 2018




Are you tired of winning too much? Have you ever wanted a REAL challenge? Well nows finally your chance to show you’re truly the best! And maybe even earn a little somethin’ for it.

On May 11th, Jumpalooza Hangout will host our first ever  eSports Tournament!  And the game of competition will be Super Smash Bros 4!!! Smash is one of the most competitive games on the market, and professionals always start with it at local tournaments.

The tournament will have 20 people with 2 people per round in double elimination. It is a $20 entrance fee, but if you sign up early then you can get our “Early Birdo Signup” for 25% off. If you sign up before May 8th, your entrance fee will be $15! If the tournament is full with 20 players and you work your way up to 1st place, you will earn $50!  And